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Sheet profiling and routing

We have the capability to cut and profile metal in a many different sizes - from stainless steel washers to fuselage sheets over 20 feet in length.

We have the machinery and the expertise to deliver the products you need at the price you need and on the day you require them. Multiple machines provide insurance against downtime and help us to manage unexpected peaks in demand ensuring continuity of supply to you.

We can:

Cut large parts which traditionally have to be hand-routed

Surface Machining
Multi-level (if required) to tolerances of +/- 0.002”
All aluminium alloys
Sheet sizes up to 144” x 72”

Variety of radiused and non-radiused champfers

Multi-stack for high volume and low cost manufacture
Sheet sizes up to 2.2m x 10m

Reduce waste by using larger sheets and employing state-of-the-art dynamic nesting systems.

Cut parts from the widest range of materials: Aluminium, Steel, Kevlar, Brass, plastics and composites.

Auto de-tag for large parts, avoiding un-necessary handling.

Aluminium Routing:
Our GFM router is located in our Irvine (Ayrshire) factory and is the largest aluminium router in Europe, with a 9.95 x 2.2m bed.

The SCM Record 220 router located at our Bolton facility provides backup for the GFM in Irvine, as well as providing additional capacity during busy periods.

Hard-metal profiling:
Our two Pullmatic machines provide punching & milling facilities as well as blanking options for aluminium, steel and titanium.

We can also profile hard metals using our abrasive waterjet. Non-metalic materials such as kevlar and composites can also be cut using the waterjet.

Further profiling and milling facilities are provided by our Bridgeport high-speed machining centre.

Our portfilio of capabilities is continually expanding, with the addition of new machines and the availability of equipment at other companies in our group.