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Our Group of companies offers a comprehensive range of component manufacture. Add to this an enviable record of on-time delivery and you reach the conclusion that Universal Steels and Aluminium Group should be the right choice for your needs.

Raw material
Single source supply - Soft and Hard metals

Blank preparation
Circle cutters
CNC Waterjet
CNC Router
Pullmatic Punches & Machining

SAAB fluid forming presses (7)
200-500mm dia forming units (12)
Conventional deep draw presses (Lagan, Muller, Lancastrian, Hollander)
ASEA Fluid forming press
Large detail rubber pad press 72” x 48”

Trimming & profiling
5 axis router
3 axis router
3 axis router (9.95m x 2.2m table - largest machine in Europe)
3 axis machining centres (Haas)
4 axis machining centres
5 axis machining centres (DMU)
Omera trimming machine
CNC Turning up to 12” dia.

Protective treatments
Welding (NADCAP approved)
Penetrant flaw detect (NADCAP approved)
Paint (NADCAP approved)

Inspection facilities
Fully equipped departments
CMM and Laser Scanning Arm

Engineering & design
Catia V4 Design & Advanced multi axis machining
Catia V5 Design & Advanced multi axis machining
Vericut optimisation

Project Management
Materials Management
Detail Manufacture
Small Sub-Assemblies
Complex Processes
Kitted Operations
Direct Line Feed

Tube Forming
CNC and NC Bending up to 2.5" diameter (CMM linked)
Flaring and Beading
Swaging - Permaswage and Sierracin/Harrison
Pressure Testing
Electro Chemi-etch and Ink Part Marking